How do I and why do i stake my new trees?

There are many ways of staking trees, and many old wives tales on how and why it should be done. This is the way we stake trees and the way we recommend you do it too.

Why Stake A Tree?

Trees should only be staked if they really require it, i.e. they are planted in an exposed site or are a large grade tree which is likely to require some short term stabilization. In most cases a tree will establish its own root system for anchorage faster if it is not staked. When staking a tree it is best that the stakes are low on the trunk so they hold the rootball better. If you use a high stake it will not hold the root ball steady in the ground.

What Do I Need To Stake A Tree ?

  • Tree stakes. We recommend a ground treated 1.2m stake 50mm X 50mm square, 2 stakes for most domestic gardens or 3 stakes for exposed sites.
  • A sledge hammer
  • A soft material for tying like nylon tree webbing, or old bicycle tubes.
  • A staple gun
  • A sharp knife or pair of scissors.

How Do I Stake A Tree?

There are many ways to stake a tree, this is the best way.
  •     Bang your stakes into the ground Use a 1.2 m stake and bang into a depth of around 500-600mm.
  •     Ensure the stakes are outside of the root ball
  •     Ensure your stakes are facing into the prevailing wind.
  •     Ensure your stakes are straight or pointing slightly outward (this is more for looks than effectiveness). If the stakes are pointing slightly outward they will pull in when you tie the tree giving you a nice vertical finish.
2.    Once your stakes are in the ground you can use your tree tie to tie the tree to the stakes
  •    Tack one end of the tree tie to the first stake with the stapler
  •    Run your tie out to the tree and back again to measure the length required, Cut the tree tie.
  •    Now run your length of tie back to the trunk and run it around the back side of the trunk
  •    On your way back to the stake twist the tree tie over around the first length.
  •    Once back at the stake fold the end of the tie over and staple to the stake
  •    Repeat for the other stakes.
Ideal Staking Using Two Stakes
Important things to remember when staking
Only leave stakes on the tree for 9 – 12 months, Never use wire or anything else which can cut into the bark, Never stake using only one stake.