Cycas Revoluta

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Cycas Revoluta cycad
Cycas Revoluta cycad

This slow growing cycad has amazing vibrant green ornamental leaves with spine-tipped leaflets and rolled margins. Wonderful in a pot indoors or outside if sheltered from frost. Requires good drainage. Sun. Evergreen, will tolerate -5.

Plant Care: 

Plant in a full sun well drained situation in the garden such as a north facing garden. Compost can also be added to improve aeration and drainage. Avoid the use of animal manures. As cycads require good drainage the use of raised beds can be used these can be constructed using rocks or mounded soil. Cycads will benefit from watering during summer but allow to dry out between watering’s. During winter watering will not be required as excess moisture may result in damage or death. A low nitrogen fertiliser can be used in spring.

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