Hosta Lemon and Lime

Plant Details

Plant Variety:





Coastal Tolerance:

A beautiful coloured small Hosta producing heart-shaped greenish-yellow foliage with a rippled edge. One of the best of the smaller Hostas. Ideal under trees or a shady part of the garden. Requires shade to semi-shade. Hardy. Winter dormant.
Plant Care: 
A very popular herbaceous perennial ideal for mass planting or adding colour and intrest to any shady spot in the garden ideal for use under trees. Plant in part to full shade, can tolerate full sun but burning may occur as a result. Tolerant of wet soils as it naturally grows near water. Feed once a year with Texture Plants 12 month planting food. Cut out spent flower spike once they have finished flowering. Cut off foliage once it starts to die in autumn. Divide plants every 4-5 years.