We’ve got a story. No surprises, it starts with a plant (or two).

Two brothers and their plants.

Forty years ago, Hamish and Tim discovered the endless variety and wonder of plants. Self-confessed plantaholics, their shared passion has led them on a journey around the world in search of seeds and plants that would bring something truly unique to New Zealand. Back then, they were visionaries. Today, they still are, they’ve just got a little help from the Texture crew.

Since then we've grown substantially along with our love for plants, landscaping and lawns

The constant growth of the Texture Group along with our customers' great hunger for new and exciting plants has seen both Hamish and Tim (owners) travel to the four corners of the world in search of seed and plant material to satisfy the needs of like-minded 'plantaholics'. Plants are only the beginning of our passion for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. With an in-house team of designers and landscaping professionals, we take pride in bringing ideas to life.

We're on a mission bring you the best plants from around the world which compliments your back yard

Our philosophy is really quite simple - to discover, grow and introduce high quality trees and shrubs with interesting form and structure which are easy to maintain.