Landscapes for the life you live.

Look outside. That area is our blank canvas, and we’re artists. From architectural new build designs that create effortless cohesion to a complete re-imagination of much-loved gardens, we create stunningly attractive, endlessly functional landscapes, and draw on our 40+ years of experience.

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We take the time to get to know you and your family so that we can create a design that enhances the way you live. From playful spaces to intimate entertaining areas, we design gardens that are cohesive, sympathetic to the landscape, and connect the different elements of the landscape with perfectly chosen trees and shrubbery. We’re masters at integrating established elements and creating spaces that amaze and embrace their inhabitants. Gardens are life, and that’s the approach we take to every blade of grass, flower, and shrub

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Texture Landscapes Slideshow
Texture Landscapes Slideshow


We want to bring your dreams to life; to do that, we listen. We don’t just sit in the office with a piece of paper, we take the time to come out and look at your land, understand how you live, and what your landscape needs to do for you.

What is important to you? How do you live with your land? Where do you entertain and what sort of space do you need? We walk through the nursery to look at plants that you like. We listen some more.

Then, and only then, we design a landscape that enhances your life and how you live. We’re a bit different, we grow our plants, and when they find a new home, it’s a little bit like having the kids leave home. We want to make sure you’ll make each other happy.


Our in-house team is a full-service team, and that makes life easier for you. Once you’ve agreed on the plan, we take care of the most complex hard landscaping, choose each plant from our nursery, and put everything in place with care, attention to detail, and speedy service.

Our team, plant selection and quality are second-to-none, and they bring your garden to life. We promise you’ll smile when your new landscape is finished.


Just because the kids (plants) have left home doesn’t mean we don’t care. We’ve got years of experience and take great pride in ensuring that your landscapes get better as the years go by. Maintenance and care are something we can either provide advice about or take care of completely. We’ll provide guidance if we’ve designed your landscape, and are happy to come back and visit, and look after the garden. In fact, that’s often one of the most rewarding parts of landscape design. If your landscape is already established, we can provide tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of it, just come in and have a chat.

Pleased to meet you

Seriously. We love clients. Landscapes, plants, and lawns are our passion, and when we meet you, we get to share that passion. As a talented group of dedicated plant professionals with a full-service in-house team, we design and build dreams. How cool is that?

  • Stephen Mapletoft

    Head of Landscape
    BLA (Hons)

  • Duncan Reed

    Senior Landscape Architect
    BLA (Hons)

  • Anna Gamble

    Landscape Architect
    BLA (Hons)

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